The Company

Company  is based to family tradition, love and care for the dough and pies. The two sisters, Katerina and Ioanna, born and raised to Hpeiros, undergraduate from Keele University of England, have decided to make their dream come true and offer to consumers traditional pie with pastry form Hpeiros. In daily basis we use fresh and pure ingredients, extra virgin olive oil and we rolled-out pastry and wrap the ingredients with love in traditional pastry from Hpeiros.

Our facilities

We created a Company based on modern facilities and equipped it with a state of the art machinery. The headquarters is at Choristi  Dramas.
We pay particular attention  to hygiene and quality of our products and in conjunction with the exquisite and quality ingredients, we produce our exceptionally tasty products.
The transport of our products is made by means of the company at high freezing temperature at -18 C.